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This project holds a line-list data (including mobility and exposure history, as well as epidemiological Timelines) of 10,000+ COVID-19 cases reported by Chinese local health committees.

Repository for a massive COVID-19 epidemiological dataset

What you are expected to find in our datasets

Chinese prefectural level governments started to report details of confirmed COVID-19 cases online on a daily basis, starting from January 2020. The disclosures may contain the mobility, potential exposure scenario, epidemiological characteristics, and other useful information of individual cases.

We organized a group of content coders since early March 2020, kept monitoring updates from the local health committees (except for the ones in Hubei Province), manually extracted useful information from the public disclosures, and compiled a line-list dataset. The dataset now contains 10,000+ cases and counting.

A detailed data description can be found on Scientific Data.

Call for help

Fighting COVID-19 is a course for the entire human species. We welcome any form of collaborations with us and reuse of our dataset. We highly encourage interested parties to help examine the data, report errors in our coding, and help us to keep the data updated.

File usage

The datasets are stored on our GitHub repository.

Data curators

Prof. Xiao-Ke Xu, Dalian Minzu University, China

Prof. Ye Wu, Beijing Normal University, China

Dr. Xiaofan Liu, City University of Hong Kong, China

Special thanks to the the research assistants for their relentless efforts!

Suggested citation

Liu, X.F., Xu, XK. & Wu, Y. Mobility, exposure, and epidemiological timelines of COVID-19 infections in China outside Hubei province. Sci Data 8, 54 (2021).

A list of supported publications

The dataset has supported multiple scientific articles since the beginning of the pandemic.

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#: equally contributed, *: corresponding


This project is licensed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) license. View license deed and legal code.